About Sms Me

The information industry has really grown over time, we have come to realize that had we the information in time then we would save a lot of resources time inclusive eventually saving more money. This is where SMS ME comes in handy with your being informed being out number one priority and on time. We wish to bridge the gap between the sender and receiver and be saved the frustration of losing resources all the time. Just like the rule of thumb that 1+1=2

Sms Me grew from that frustration. We want to make your information workflow and achieving effortless.

I have not to walk only to bounce caz nigga ain't coming


We all love reading about new things. We also like to remember what we read and use information to build our knowledge. Knowledge being the only resource that can multiply if shared, we would as well like to share it with you and together make this world a better place for you, us,, and the people around us. Please dont hesitate to let us know how we can serve you better by simply contacting us through any of our team.


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